About Con Gusto

Con Gusto is Italian for ‘in good taste.’ For us, that means the best butter, the finest flours, no preservatives or artificial ingredients. It’s little things, like our sourdough starter that’s been lovingly coaxed along for over 15 years. And bigger things, like our commitment to following centuries-old methods of mixing, shaping, proofing and baking that take more time, but that we believe are well worth the investment.

These choices that we make create croissants that transport you back to that little café in Paris, breads that you can feel good about serving to your family and cakes, pastries and cookies that taste like they were made by someone who cares, because they actually were.

Con Gusto baked goods taste nothing like those you buy at the grocery store or through the take-out window, because they are made in a completely different way. When you need the best quality baking for the people you love, we’ll have something fresh from the oven for you at Con Gusto.