Meet Con Gusto

From the moment we tie our apron strings each morning, until we turn the key in the lock each night, the driving force behind every choice we make at our bakery is con gusto.

Con gusto is Italian for ‘in good taste.’ For us, that means the best butter, the finest flours, no preservatives or artificial ingredients. It’s little things, like our sourdough starter that’s been lovingly coaxed along for over 15 years. And bigger things, like our commitment to following centuries-old methods of mixing, shaping, proofing and baking that take more time, but that we believe are well worth the investment.

These choices that we make create croissants that transport you back to that little café in Paris, breads that you can feel good about serving to your family and cakes, pastries and cookies that taste like they were made by someone who cares, because they actually were.

Con Gusto baked goods taste nothing like those you buy at the grocery store or through the take-out window, because they are made in a completely different way. When you need the best quality baking for the people you love, we’ll have something fresh from the oven for you at Con Gusto.


Regular Hours:
Monday through Saturday: 7am – 6pm
Sunday: 7am – 5pm

87 Hannover Drive, St. Catharines, L2W 1A3

Orders can be placed in advance by calling us at (905) 685-0808.
Because we make our products from scratch using traditional methods, please provide at least 2 days’ notice.


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Our History

Although there were many Italian traditions that Giovanni Stanziano’s family kept alive in their St. Catharines home, their passion for good food spoke to him from a very early age.

Using Niagara’s restaurants and bakeries as a training ground, Giovanni explored the craft and went on to receive his Red Seal chef certification through Niagara College. While cooking at one of Niagara’s most renowned winery restaurants, Giovanni realized his true calling was baking and followed his heart to one of Ontario’s premiere croissant bakeries. As he spent hours rolling delicate pastry by hand each morning, Giovanni solidified his vision for Con Gusto. One day, he would open a bakery that would use only time-honoured techniques and the finest ingredients to create a new standard of breads and baking for Niagara residents to enjoy.

Since first opening its doors in 2006, Con Gusto has earned a reputation as a go-to source for premium-quality artisanal breads, pastries and traditional Italian baking in Niagara.